DIY THC Ejuice Review

A few days ago I found a video online with instructions for making your own THC infused ejuice. The process seemed easy and painless. After only a few hours of stirring, and the proper VG/PG solutions, you will have a vapeable ejuice.

I used a minimal amount of flower in my first attempt, only about 4 grams of shake. I baked the flower shake at low temperature for 20 minutes. Followed by mixing the material in a 50/50 mix of VG/PG (30ml). Then I sat the mixture in hot water for a few hours, swirling every 20 minutes. After it has simmered all that's necessary is strain it into an applicator bottle.

I am impressed that I got a large return out of my solution, 20ml. The quality is decent. It was not as potent as I would prefer. With a few alterations and better quality flower the final product would have been more potent.

Overall the process was simple and the final product worked.

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