The Pregnant Virgin

ID 100598421 I Was A Pregnant Virgin
We've all heard of immaculate conception. But is it possible for a woman becomes pregnant even though she's never experienced penetration? According to one mom, it is. Here's her story.

I was a pregnant virgin and I am now a doting mommy to a 9 week old baby and this shocks many people when I tell them. Yes you can get pregnant without having sex. I’ve had 6 boyfriends and have done some sexual stuff with them but  I have never  actually had full on penetrated sex. My friend thought she was pregnant so asked me to do a test with her as a way of support and my test came out positive.
I thought because I wasn’t having sex I couldn’t get pregnant so I had not bothered with using any form of  contraception and the only way I can explain what happened was his sperm must have got onto my private area and got me pregnant.
I was petrified of labor thinking it would hurt so much more as I hadn’t  been stretched’ down there, but I ended up having internal exams (which were quite uncomfortable but didn’t hurt) and a fast labor (4 and a half hours).
I haven’t told anyone (obviously the father of my baby knows) because I was really embarrassed that I am a 20 year old virgin. I wanted to write this purely because when I searched ‘pregnant virgins’ online I found nothing that said it was possible to happen and felt really alone about it.
It's a scary thought. This woman had avoided intercourse, probably for a number of reasons, including an unwanted pregnancy.  If there is anything to learn from this story, it's to always ALWAYS be careful and use  some form of birth control. Even if you think you can't get pregnant because you are only "playing around". Sperm is tricky, and it only takes 1 out of millions!