Being Different

I'm Different
Being different means being yourself. Being yourself means rejecting negative input from outside
sources and embracing things you like because you like them. I never want to see anyone going with the norm, the flow of trends that dictate if you are competent enough to fit in. Every individual is like a bright shining star, their own entity that thinks and feels in their own way. Capable of wonderful things that contribute to society as a whole and the betterment of Mother Earth.

Being different is beautiful. You are able to open up your mind to new things that break normativity. I like to see people that can think outside of the hetero-normative box. Subdivision type communalism is diminishing our populations creativity and motivation. We are more likely to assimilate and become a bland copy of our clique. When we feel strong in a group we are likely to rely on that group for support and see outsiders as possible intruder that will shake our way of life. This leads to bullying and segregation.

Being different and pushing away from the mold allows us to truly be who we are meant to be. Many people with certain social economic standing (the wealthy for example) are bound to be a certain way, never truly experiencing life through their own eyes. They are often blinded by a desire to reach common goals as their peers and forget to please themselves on the way to that goal.

He's Different
It is encouraging to see people who slip out of the social norm and embrace unique talents, beliefs, and general lifestyles. In recent decades we have seen a rise in young adults (and older adults coming into the fray late in life) gritting their teeth and tearing down socially constructed boundaries. With movements supporting a lineup of causes and spreading information to the masses, we are seeing more tolerance grow for different groups.

Being weird isn't just about the way you dress or even act. It is the acceptance of each tiny part of your entity. Expressing your desires, likes, dreams and making them reality. If you like the beach, live at the beach. Don't live in the city because certain people tell you that is where to make a living. If you are LGBT, be proud of it, there are so many people who are willing to love you for who you are. There will always be others who try to influence you life. Make decisions on where you want your life to go and follow those people that want to see you happy for your sake.

Be wild, be creative, be unique. Be who you are, don't try to be someone else. And at the end of the day remember you are special and the possibilities are endless.

Peace and Love

They're Different