Flashback Friday | Meditation

Happy Friday readers. This weeks edition is dedicated to the power of meditation. When we meditate we block our all of our worries and begin to connect to our spirits and the universe. Meditation is cleansing, it is the saturation of your physical body with the pure emptiness of spiritual consciousness. 

Deep meditation takes time to learn, it is a skill. It is not an easy task to disconnect from the physical world. With all the distractions that life has to offer it is only human to stray from our spiritual paths. Meditation helps us reconnect and ultimately realize the answers to our deepest questions.

A Buddhist monk once taught that the mind is like a cup of water. When you hold the cup of water, the water is not still. If you try to still the cup in your hands, it take great difficulty and effort (physical and mental) to still the water in the cup, if even possible. This cup represents our mind, our mind is largely not still throughout the day much like the water in the cup (mental faculties within the mind). You can never still the mind if you hold on to it, only then will you realize that there is a way to still the water in the cup. Only when you learn to let go of the mind and its faculties, will you understand that the water in the cup is only completely still when you put it down. When you grasp, hold on to, or attach yourself to the mind, your mind is not still. Put the cup down, still the mind.



Au Naturale


A Simple Tip to Help Your Meditation


Have a great weekend and take some time to meditate. 

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