Survive The Apocalypse

"The End Is Near!" Life as we know it is bound to change as we continue to destroy the very earth that we live on. An apocalypse can happen any day. Anything from instantaneous nuclear fallout, to zombies, an asteroid crashing into the Earth, or the gradual spread of a life threatening infection. We can never know what the future holds, but preparing for the end of the world may help you survive the wastelands.

It's been the topic of books, games and movies for years. Is it all science fiction? We've seen devastation affect other parts of the world. Katrina destroying New Orleans, Hiroshima, the Thailand typhoon, 9-11. It's only a matter of time before the whole world is brought to it's knees. It may be science fiction for now, but in years to come the "great apocalypse" could be taught in high school history class!

The sirens are blaring and whistles are blowing. People are running frantically trying to take cover. It's been a few days since the announcement, the apocalypse was coming. The time is here, and chaos is spreading rapidly.

How It Could Happen
There are a number of popular ways fiction writers kill off the majority of society.

  • Aliens - They probe us, take our resources and blow up everything.
  • Disease - Chemical or Viral. A disease spreads rapidly and picks off the weak.
  • Ecological Catastrophe - The world will freeze or over heat causing a new ice age and flooding from melting ice.
  • Human Decline - The population has declined from many reasons. Lack of reproduction is possible.
  • Impact Event - A major collision with another celestial body.
  • Monsters - Zombies, the blob, Godzilla. 
  • Social Collapse - The economy goes to shit and everyone is left destitute. 
  • Sun - The sun explodes or super heats.
  • Supernatural - Demons, the rapture. Generally religious beliefs coming true.
  • Technology - Robots become smarter than humans, are stronger and have bigger weapons. 
How To Survive

So, what can we do to prepare for an inevitable doomsday? We can start by delving into some of the great works of art, depicting possible apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic outcomes.

  • Go underground. If you have enough time, build an underground bunker and stock it with necessities.
  • Arm yourself. Any useful weapon will help. Even if it's a crowbar! You'll need it for zombies, aliens, monsters and thieves.
  • Gather equipment. Flashlights, candles, lighters, tools, fire extinguisher, food and water.
  • Wait. The best and really only thing you can do in the beginning is to wait it out. Even after the initial disaster, sit still until the smoke has cleared and you're out of immediate danger.

The outside world has calmed down, and you've decided it's time to come out of hiding. You open the door to a strange new world. The air is probably polluted still, but the immediate danger is over. The sky has been tinted red and the landscape is dry and barren. You can't be the only survivor, there has to be more people somewhere. How are you going to survive.

What To Look For
There's no doubt that there will be things you need to learn about the new world. Places to avoid, safe houses, how to find food and barter your goods with merchants and traders.

  • The first thing you are going to want to do is pack up all of your essential items. Water, weapons and armor.
  • Locate other people. Cities are going to be more populated. Try to colonize.
  • Avoid the wasteland. Odds are there are rogue warriors out there that are going to try to kill you and swipe your shit. Not to mention potential wild beasts
  • What types of currency are people using now? Figure out who has the items that you need.
  • Who's in charge? You're going to want to either obey them or kill them and take over.

How To Survive

  • Use your senses and look out for elemental disasters. Is the air polluted, the water? Is there fire or earthquakes. Consider finding an airmask, fire extinguisher and ways to filter water.

  • Gather, loot and steal. No matter how you get stuff, you're still going to have to work for it. And the more stuff you have, the better your chances of survival. 

  • Weapons. Make shift knives and guns constructed of leftover junk are great options. 

  • Harness the sun. Solar power is very usefully to charge up flashlights and basic electrical equipment. 

  • Pick a side. Are you going to be the villain or hero? You have to claim respect one way or another.

  • Make friends. Trust will be hard and everyone will be jumpy. (Be sure to announce yourself when you enter a room.) The more friends you have, the better off you will be.

  • Transportation will be limited. Invest in a good pair of shoes and find something to ride! Horses and bicycles may be your only option at this point.

  • Learn to fight and make use of your weapons. You'll have to use them to defend your territory and to kill wildlife, either for safety or food.

  • Procreate. It's the end of the world, she'll sleep with you now.

  • Fiction
    There are many works of fiction that have influenced this article. These stories have been around for centuries. From Grecian stories of the Titans to modern video games. These are some of the most popular from books, TV, movies and games.


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    • Robopocalypse 2011 Daniel H. Wilson


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    • Planet of the Apes 1974 War
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    • Jericho 2006 War
    • The Walking Dead 2011 Monsters



    • Left 4 Dead 2009 Disease/Monster
    • Mass Effect 2007-2011 Technology
    • Deus Ex 2003-2001 Social Collapse
    • Fallout 1997-2010 War
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