Four More Years

I can't say that I'm surprised by the results of the election, we all knew what direction this nation was heading in. The night of the election I went to bed while we were in the midst of Romney nation. I dreamed about red states and blue states all night. I couldn't wait to see the final decision the next morning.

I woke up early to see the results and my soul literally started singing. It gives you a warm feeling to know that we are looking at politics differently these days. We want someone in office that can acknowledge our freedoms and still nurture our nation. We are coming into a new era, where people are learning that there is more to life than the value of a dollar.

This election was monumental for the fact that we have proven to the world that we are looking forward to a new America. One with minimal government impact on our lives. We still respect the power of authority, but we want to see a change in the way our government is ran. No more blatant disrespect of the middle class, taking away funding to educate our children, or dictating the private lives of American citizens. We want to reduce the ego of our nation and it's leaders. We want to strip away the brutality our "power" has forced onto less fortunate nations. We want to see harmony and a economy that supports itself, that doesn't rely on foreign oil and outsourced jobs. We want our air to be pure and our cars to put off less emissions.

No man, no face, or singular belief system will solve the issues this country has to overcome. We put too much power in the hands of one man and his "carefully selected" associates. These few people will never be able to satisfy the desires of every individual in this country and around the world. But there is hope. That every individual will make the right decisions for the own self and their own family. We need a government to assist in our attempts at happiness, but not a government that dictates our happiness.

When it comes to the economy and the conservative ideals of striking it rich, we need to relax and understand how the economy actually works. I'm not an economist, but I know that not everyone can be wealthy. We all must work to create our own destiny. There is no magical switch that the President can flip to transform our economy into a Utopian model of supply and demand.  Improving our supply and demand model is the only way we will improve our society. We have to stop spending money we do not have, stop relying on credit companies and learn the value of saving what we earn. We also have to realize that money is not the source of our happiness. True, it is better to cry in a Mercedes than in a cardboard box. But, we have to reduce our addiction to consumption and only take our fair share from the pool of stuff. We currently consume more than we can produce, which is the entire reason for importation of goods and deportation of jobs.

At the end of the day I am proud to see that we have reelected a President that has proven his loyalty to our country and the future of our country. That includes everyone, not just the wealthy. We are on our way to brighter days. Not everyone will be happy in the moment but life will move on. We will naturally evolve into a better, wiser nation. There has to be a certain optimism, we must have faith in our country and work together to succeed in making America great again.