Sexy Fish Sandwich

It's nothing new to see sexuality used to sell products. It's also no surprise that Hardees (AKA Carl Jrs) uses over sexualized commercials to sell their sandwiches. From the infamous commercial of Paris Hilton washing a car in a bikini and eating her hamburger to the newest sexy Hardess commercial featuring a bikini clad beach bunny simulating oral sex on a straw.

It's disappointing to say the least. Exposure to overly sexual material leaves little to the imagination. It also makes companies appear overly desperate to sell their worthless product. If the burger was really that good, I wouldn't need a body to tell me so. Seeing too much flesh, at inappropriate times, causes us to lose appreciation for the real deal.

Where do we draw the line? Our society attempts to push the boundaries of every aspect in life, it's important to change and evolve. It is clear that sex sells products, it's cliche. Using sexuality to churn marketing is an attempt to grab your attention at whatever cost. We've seen scantly clad women (and men) used in movies, clothing ads and even car ads. Sexuality touches many aspects of American culture. One place I thought it could be avoided was in the fast food chains.

It's not very surprising that a fast food chain would hop on the bandwagon. You expect to see kid friendly places like McDonald's avoid such antics. However, Hardees leans more toward the adult demographic. Their commercials have always been racy and it's hard to find one that doesn't make your stomach turn. (Check out this article.)

I would love to see sexuality banned from commercials. I love racy, dirty movies and support adult decisions to consume such media. However, I believe these commercials are desensitizing our children and a population as a whole. It is unnecessary to show a woman bent over in a bikini sucking on a straw and making moaning sounds. Especially during the middle of the day when most families are at home trying to enjoy a good sitcom. It also seems shallow and dumb to buy into such marketing strategies. If you like the burger (or product) then by all means enjoy. But don't be naive to think that just because a company is trying to get your attention with such disrespectful tactics that their product is going to be worth your money or attention. Vote with your wallet.

Don't want to give Hardees any attention but I'll let the evidence speak for itself.