Summer Is On The Way

Spring is finally in full swing and summer is lurking around the corner. I want to update the blog and get a fresh start for the rest of the year. I'm hoping to see lots of new and creative things this summer, in the real world and around the internet. I finally bought a new computer and have the time and resources to post more frequently.

This summer I will be putting a lot more effort into this blog. Exploring my writing talent and letting my inner freak flag fly. I want to learn more, have adventures and share my experiences with the internet at large. As always, I hope you enjoy reading my musings. I am so excited to see what Summer 2013 has to offer.

Here's a look at what to expect to see this summer:

  • Gardening Tips and Tricks
  • Inspiring Leaders and Spotlight Individuals
  • More Music
    • Emphasis on modern inspirational music. There are so many new singer-songwriters popping up with positive and lighthearted music.
  • Fashion Topics
    • Summer fashions galore. 
  • Stories
    • Parenting, festivals, great movies, redecorating. Expect to see more articles covering random topics. Submit your own topics and stories through e-mail.
  • Contests and Much More