Landscaping and Manscaping

Deutsch: Frau bei der Intimrasur mit einem Nas...You can file this one under Sexual Education and Grooming! I'm talking about pubic hair, the hair down there that can be the subject of many 'romantic' conversations. Women have it and men have it, but women are put on blast about it constantly. And men need to take more time maintaining their nether region. So, I decided to write a little article on keeping the hedges trimmed.

Pubic Hair
Peach Fuzz

There are many names, just for the hair down there. It is such a common thing that it is necessary to give it many names, so that you can fit it into conversation better. It is a common belief that the purpose of pubic hair is to keep women from getting any "stuff" into their vagina and keep a guys sperm warm.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, in ye olden days people didn't have the hygiene skills to shave their monstrous muffs. "You know what's under my petticoat?" Today, men and women alike are getting sick of those little obnoxious hairs and are insisting they be shaved away.

To bare or not to bare is the question? Do we keep our vaginas shaved in submission to masculine pressure or can we grow our bush and be proud? To maintain an equilibrium, I vote to enjoy any combination of both.

At times, shaving can be annoying. From razor burn to cutting that tender skin, is it really worth it? To enjoy a variety of "hair cuts" is to be as flexible as possible. No one should be judging, or taking score. A given amount of hygiene is expected, and a fair trim is necessary! But let's just be fare, and be free to bare!

Yea, I went there and yea, you should think about it!!