Red Bull Gives You Wings

I've loved Red Bull energy drinks since they hit the shelves in 2006. For me the drink is a perfect combination of energy and taste. Most people consider it an acquired taste, I fell in love from the first sip. The can design is modern and sleek. The resulting energy is equivalent to a strong cup of coffee. While some people may experience side effects, Red Bull gives me the pep I need to wake up and be productive with my day.

"Red Bull gives you wings." The slogan is stuck in our brains and so far the company has proven to live up to their motto. The Red Bull company sponsors some of the most adventurous and extreme sporting events on the planet.  They own athletic teams including the New York Red Bulls, a soccer team that competes in Major League Soccer. Some of their events are home to many super stars from extreme sports. Recognizable athletes to sign up for Red Bull events includes Travis Pastrana, Sean White and Mark Webber.

Not only does Red Bull invest in extreme sports, they also have some of the coolest celebrity endorsers. Eminem has signed on with Red Bull to produce commercials, make appearances and don the apparel. Travis Barker has been a sponsor of Red Bull for a few years, even making appearances on the cover of Red Bull magazine (The Red Bulletin).

The message Red Bull is sending to it's majority male audience is to get out and experience life. These athletic events are encouraging, exciting and inspires consumers to have their own adventure. Red Bull incorporates extreme sports into their business to demonstrate how well the product performs and how well consumers perform because of the product. Red Bull has been shown to improve driving skill by one college researcher. I'm sure others would support this theory.

I would like to see more focus on female consumers.There are many great female athletes that I would love to see partner with Red Bull. Strong, fierce women that could spark a message of female fierceness. Red Bull brand is powerful, the product is powerful, the endorsers should include powerful women. Including more women in their brand would be beneficial to everyone.