Mood Ring Colors

A few weeks ago I posted about Mood Rings. I recently found the definitions behind the different colors of the mood ring. Here's a list of each traditional color and it's corresponding meaning.

Mood Ring Colors

=Black (Jet Black To Charcoal)-Ebony/Onyx- Serious, Intense, Secret, Mysterial, Storming, Stealth, Fierce, Radical, Overworked, Turmoil, Hurt, Tensed, Enraged, Down/Dread, Moodring Unworn; Nothing/Not Working

=Brown (Java Brown To Golden Tan)-Bronze/Copper- Rethinking, Anticipation, Researching, Heated Moods, Bold, Rising Momentum,  Feisty, Rebellious, Reactive, Jitters, Nervous, Troubled, Mad, Fear

=Red (Red-Brown To Rose)-Ruby- Heart, Allured, Fierier Passion, Aroused, Awestruck, Thrilled, Spirited, Revolution, Active, Adventurous, Harassed, Insecure, Erratic, Fazed, Urgent, Danger, Angered, Alarmed

=Orange (Lava To Sunburst)-Fire Opal- Thinking, Busy, Searching, Striving Intentions, Excited, Daring Wants, Energized, On Edge, Eerier, Déjà vu, Worried, Impatient, Vice, Guilt, Unruly, Disturbed, Annoyed, Vext

=Yellow-Orange (Amber To Flame)-Brass/Gold- Mixed Feelings, Beckoning, Flaring Passion, Bittersweet, Endearing, Sincere/Concern, Challenged, Indignant, Aloof, Cryptic, Upset, Disapproval, Anxious, Dizzy

=Yellow (Olive To Golden)-Topaz- Mixed Emotions; Many Thoughts, Ok/Mellow, Fair, Vague, Emotional, Imaginative, Distracted, Interpretive, Just-So, Cautious, Unsettled, Disquieted, Strained, Foreboding Sense

=Green-Yellow (Green-Amber To Gaslight)-Peridot- Emotions Mixed, Endeavors, Simmering Glow, Hoping, Expectant, Restless, Complicated, Irritated, Conflicted, Distressed, Uneasy, Displeased, Perturbed, Queazy

=Green (Jade Green To Light Green)-Emerald- Average Reading; Neutral/Normal, Good, Fine, Nice, Easily Amused, Alert, Minor Stress, Involved, Sensitive, Guarded, Undecided, Guessing, Envious, Jealous

=Blue-Green (Teal To Cyan)-Aquamarine- Inner Readings; Normal, Receiving, Flowing, Inner Emotions Charged, Easier, Somewhat Relaxed, Enthused, Motivated, Stimulated, Renewed, Upbeat, Pleased, Into, Flirtive

=Blue (Royal Blue To Sky Blue)-Sapphire- Happy, Calm, Friendly, Assured, At Ease, Optimistic, Near Bliss, Liveliness, Playful, Grooving, Peaceful, Caring, Pleasant, Moonstruck, Desire, Warm, Giving, Lovable

=Violet-Blue/Ultramarine (Ink Indigo/Blue To Iris)-Iolite/Lapis- Intuitive, Very Happy, Deeply Relaxed, Inner Harmony, Ecstatic, Tranquil, Bliss, Content, Passionate, Lovestruck, Romantic, Aglow, In Love, Sublime  

=Violet (Dark Purple To Lavender)-Sugulite- Love, Romance, Heat, Passion, Euphoric, Sensual, Blissful, Joy, Relaxed, Dreamer, Intrigued, Perceiving, Exotic, Mystical, Impulsive, Mischievous/Sly, Irked, Moody

=Red-Violet (Wine To Mauveine)-Amethyst- Tantalizing, Volatile Love, Aflame, Romantic Vice, Emotional Extremes, Moodier Passions, Furious, Over The Edge, Sarcastic, Adverse, Upheaval, Discord, In Crisis, Nuclear 

=Pink (Magenta To Blush)-Rose Quartz- Loving, Affectionate, Warmth, Delight, Enchanted, Alright, Calmed, Pausing, Cool, Thoughtful, Curious, Pondering, Tender, Mystified, Unsure, Wonder/Shy, Infatuated, Charmed 

=Glassstone (Ice Blue To Clear)-Quartz- Psychic, Subtle, Latent Aura, Uncanny Mood, Elusive, Soundless, Numb, Phobic, Gone, Phantomlike, Undone, Emotionless, Surreal, Empty, Moodstone Unreal; Faux/Fraud

=White (Moonstone To Mist)-Ivory/Opal- Contemplating, Philosophical, Constant, Sustained, Cooled, Stillness, Temperate, Restrained, Bored, Confused, Unpersuaded, Pensive, Frustrated, Shocked/Stunned

=Gray (Zephyr Gray To Graystone)-Mirror/Silver- Reasonable, Waiting, Measured, Cooler, Distant, Somber, Inhibited, Remote, Blasé, Giving Up, Tired, Pessimistic, Forsaken, Sad, Stressed, Afraid, Wired, Paranoid

Rare Mood Ring Colors

=Mist Blue (Moonshadow Blue To Cat Eye Blue)-Celestite- Solitary, Lonely, Slightly Odd Feelings, Wondering, Suspicious Of, Questioning, Wistful, Forlorn, Wandering, Lost, Mournful, Despair, In Pain, Sorrow

=Green Eden (Green Sky To Cat Eye Green)-Chrysolite- Incidental, Coping, Surmising, Considering, Bemused Over, Quizzical, Speculation, Inquiry, Surprised, Looking, Noticing, Discerning, Observant, Supposing 

=Cobalt/Honey (Blue-Amber To Pilot Flame)-Blue Topaz- Radiance, Magnetic, Lambent Aura, Devoted/Impassioned, Sheltering, Reminiscent, Beguiled, Mellowed, Genuine, Warmed, Influenced, Suspended Disbelief

=Verdigris (Xanadu To Celadon)-Euclase- Social, Deep Heartfelt Care, Xenial, Sincere/Thoughtful, Yielding, Sensitive Emotional Calm, Affected, Wavering Aura, Revolving, Spiraling Mode, Indecision, Shifting/Trembling

=Violet/Brown (Cordovan To Gray Indigo/Blue)-Axinite- Soulful Depths, Distant Hope, Haunting Memories, Retrospective, Weird Notions, Moody, Solemn, Regret, Cynical, Disillusion, Nervous, Sad, Woebegone, Gloom

=Bottlegreen/Brandy (Earth To Aurorae Light)-Fire Agate- Ambiance, Transient, Atmosphere Glow, Drifting/Interacting, Eccentric, Rambling, Contrary, Tiring, Grim, Apathy, Off-Set, Mad, Wayworn, Jaded/Angst

======Rainbow (Paisley TPsychedelic)-Ammolite- In A Maze, Varied Moods, Zany, Changes/Phases, Multi-Tasking, Way Out, Miscellaneous, Pandemonium, Upside Down, Hyper, Indescribable, Wild 

The Mood Ring Poem

It Has Been Told Through Legend Of Old,
When The Mood Ring Changes In Color,
Thoughts Once Concealed Are Now Revealed,
True Emotions Within The Soul's Aura.