Country vs City

I always feel a little bit torn between my desires to live in the country vs. the city. Growing up in the south there are only a few big cities and a lot of developing farm country. I have to drive 30 minutes to Greenville SC which is the biggest city near me. I visit Atlanta and Charlotte from time to time but only for short visits. I've spent most of my life on a lake. Mobile homes are abundant in the area although I did grow up in a 2 story home.

I believe I prefer country living with a side of city life because it allows me to return to my serenity. A lot of noise can be overwhelming, and upsets the soul. Some people thrive on the rush of the busy streets but I prefer the hum of a lawn mower in the neighbors yard.

City living is fun because there is so much going on. So many lights and signs and consumerism. Too many offices with stuffy suits and combed back hair. Perfumes that make your head hurt. In the country all we smell is nature and t shirts are acceptable.

For now I choose to stay with the trees and absorb the purity of the air. But later I may yearn for the hustle of the mean streets (not the roughneck side) and the cafe on every corner. I love to spend time in the city but I want to hear crickets while I fall asleep.