Sexy Halloween | Taking Back Our Dignity

Male Vs. Female Costumes
Every year, on the last day of October, ghosts and goblins come out to spook the living. It's also typical to see sexy bunnies, bumblebees and other miscellaneous mini skirt costumes. I've always believed that a person should wear what they are comfortable in, as long as it does not upset their morals and the natural flow of things. Wearing skimpy outfits on Halloween is a cry for sexual attention. Everyone is deserving attention. We are all worthy of expressing ourselves and being noticed. But what kind of attention are we looking for and why do we think we need to be noticed sexually?

When picking out a costume, the options are limited for women. Men have multiple costumes that aren't as sexually explicit. When a woman, who does not desire to be nearly naked, is looking for a costume her selection is diminished to outfits with the word "Sexy" in the title. Sexy Nemo, Sexy Batman and Sexy Kitty. Why can't women find costumes that don't make them appear to be desperate for sexual attention? Also, our young girls costumes are also growing sexier as the times change. The shorts are getting shorter and skin is popping through many different holes. This is not the way our children should dress and it is not a good example to be setting for our children.

This world has always been male dominated. And men want nothing more than to see tail on Halloween. If you choose to wear a sexy costume on Halloween, you are only giving in to the male desire. Some arguments can be made that NOT wearing a sexy costume is the same as giving up your rights because of male opinion. It's understandable to feel that way. But in reality, women who wear skimpy costumes ARE looking for the wrong kind of attention. They are looking for approval from males and the approval of other females that are looking for the same male approval.

There has to be a line drawn, however, so that we do not participate in slut shaming. Obviously, we are supportive of sexuality and sex. But it is important to realize that retailers and manufacturers are the guilty parties and that women are only acting on what they think they are "supposed" to do. While I do not aim to shame anyone for their sexuality, it is still important to have sexual dignity. Know your limits and don't wear something just because it's the only option on the shelf. We should not feel pressured to wear sexual outfits to satisfy sexual, male fantasies.

Halloween is about letting your hair down and expressing yourself in some creative way. Wearing the same Sexy Kitty costume as 15 other women is NOT creative. When did a scary kids holiday turn into a day of sexuality? Use your common since on Halloween, girls. If you wouldn't let your bits hang out on a regular day, don't demean yourself by doing it on Halloween. Use your imagination to come up with an amazing costume that still allows you keep you dignity in tact.

This Video Says It All

*As always, this is my opinion and I don't suspect everyone will agree.