The daisy flower get's it's name from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "day's eye". This term references the way flowers turn to face the sun. Daisy's have been a hippie tradition since the movement began. Daisy's stand for peace and innocence probably because of their pure white color and open yellow heart.

Many flowers are used in hippie culture, specifically fashion. Because of their peaceful connotation, hippies wear them to express their own inner feelings of serenity. Daises were passed out during the Vietnam war to soldiers and protesters alike. There were hopes that a single daisy flower could spark a moment of peace in the hearts of the war soldiers.

Daisies can be worn in the hair and many hippies will weave rings of daisies to wear as a crown. Also known as a daisy chain, the flowers are connected through the stems in a circular pattern. You can find directions for making your own daisy chain on ehow.

The daisy is also the flower associated with the fortune telling of ones future love life. As children, we would pick the petals from a daisy and say "they love me, they love me not". The last petal would foretell the future of the relationship.

Daisy prints or patterns were also fashionable in the 60's and continue to be seen in modern fashion. Whether you like your prints loud or muted, daisies are cute and adorable. Daisy patches can be sewn or ironed onto most fabrics to add a simple statement. Many dresses carry a daisy motif as do skirts, scarves and handbags. Odds are you have a few daisy print items in your closet as well.

Next time you are in a field, make a daisy chain and pretend to be a butterfly. Or when you find yourself thrifting, look for something with a throwback daisy theme. It's sure to spruce up your wardrobe.