Library Life

Stuttgart, Germany
I love going to the library and taking my family with me. Our 3 year old son loves going to the library, even if he isn't the quietest person there. It's good to take your little ones to the library to show them that reading is fun and that the library can be a great place to visit. Going to the library is educational, free and a great way to access many great resources.

Libraries also have a hidden trick, they can save the rain forest. Paper production destroys the trees in the rain forests. You may think "it's just a book, how much paper can it use?" but when people have many books in their personal collection, they are using a large amount of paper.

Unfortunately, libraries are becoming less important to modern society. With the invent of the internet and the speed of downloading, people simply find their information faster and choose not to visit the library. Only 12% of people look for new books at the library, while the majority flips the switch and logs on.

Libraries are becoming more modernized and are taping into mainstream technology. They also offer other services including career assistance, mommy and me time, other family themed events, and often give monetarily to local charities and organizations.

Take the time to enjoy a trip to the library from time to time. We've worked one trip into our weekly or biweekly schedule. Usually on the same days we stop by the Red Box for movie rentals (which can also be borrowed from the library). Reading expands our minds and imaginations. Education is essential and relying on the internet to obtain that knowledge (and even for entertainment purposes) is excluding great alternatives that we have used for centuries, prior to the world wide web.