Reef Relief: Protecting Coral Ecosystems

Earth is made of more water than land. The depths of the oceans are still left unexplored. We are mystified by the majesty of our oceans and bodies of water. Even a single drop is enough to make us take notice.

Reef Relief is a nonprofit organization that has dedicated itself to protecting coral reef ecosystems in our oceans. Specifically the Florida Barrier Reef. Their goal is to implement strategies, through government and community based groups, that protect reef ecosystems. At their local Florida Environmental Center, the public (specifically children) can be introduced to the concepts behind reef protection in a camp environment.  Children ages 6-12 can attend day camp. The organization even conducts Coastal Cleanups, which removed over 11,000 lbs of debris from the coast and coastal waters.

The Florida wildlife that thrives in this unique environment relies on these habitats to be healthy, just as we, in turn, depend on them to support food, recreation, and valuable jobs. 

We have to protect our bodies of water in order to keep a functioning ecosystem for all of us. We rely on these waters for many resources, not to mention the fun and beauty that are associated with the oceans ecosystems.

Learn more at REEFRELIEF.ORG .