Ethical Discipline

Spanking our children is a moral decision many parents have to make. Is spanking instilling violence in our little ones or is it a way to teach stern consequence?

Corporal punishment has been debated for centuries. Originally the norm and even practiced in schools, it is now seen as a vial, violent punishment. Some people have parents that don't spank yet the children still don't develop any behavior issues. However, the reverse is also true. Really, you could grow up spanked or not spanked and turn out fine or have a mental disorder. What is the connection?

While I don't have all of the answers, it is important to tackle this issue with a moderate set of morals. Spankings should only be used sparingly; in appropriate situations for severely inappropriate behavior. I see spanking as a last resort, after verbal communication has clearly failed. I have basic rules that I think are standard, just as most families do.

I think the universal rules are:
1. No spanking out of anger.
2. Bottom or Thigh only.
3. Don't spank your child for hitting, it's not the appropriate time and can be confusing.

I'm sure there are a few more but this is my top 3. Spanking has worked for decades and has never caused anyone to be psychologically damaged. Children that receive spankings grow up to be functioning members of society. The idea that hitting is bad is great and more people could stand to learn that. But as parents, we are responsible for making effective decisions for the growth of our kids entire well being. Often these decisions aren't easy and as humans we are capable of failure. So are our children.