Creating A Raised Garden

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Raised Garden
I've been wanting to try my hand at growing a vegetable garden in a raised bed but didn't have the slightest clue where to start. There are many prefabricated beds and even more tutorials on how to build you own. I got lucky when my dad brought home a large wooden shipping crate that will be sufficient for a few growing seasons. I estimate the dimensions of the crate to be roughly 5'x3'x2'. It's premade and the perfect size for a kitchen vegetable garden.

I filled the bottom half of the bed with a foot of native soil. Living in South Carolina, the majority of our soil is red clay, which is not the most nourishing growing medium. While it will still yield many vegetables, it is a great idea to add a different type of soil for drainage. The top half of the crate is filled with a mixture of 1 bag mushroom compost, 3 large bags of Evergreen top soil, and red clay. I intend on adding more mushroom compost and cow manure as needed throughout the season as fertilizer.

The vegetables I planted to begin with include 2 tomato plants, a cucumber, and a squash. I also planted a patch of rosemary and plan to add more herbs in a few days.

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